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Sari Anitta / Artist / Author

Many years ago, I painted murals by airbrush, under the business name 'Sari's Art'. The business turned into a sign writing venture that I eventually quit, due to starting my family. In 2006, I decided to paint on canvas for the first time, using acrylics. Eventually, I took up the use of oil paint and in keeping up with technology, began using digital media for different portraits. Portraits became the most popular theme in my customised paintings; pets included.


All paintings are original in oils and made to order. You choose a specific thing, theme or idea. Portraits will require photographs. Once painting is complete, it requires minimum 5 days for drying of the oil. Acrylic paintings only require one day of drying time. Prices of the oil paintings depend on the size and detail, so to get a more accurate quote of the cost, please e-mail me or use the contact form below.


All orders will need to be verified via e-mail or contact form. Pay Pal is the main method of payment, but other payment methods can be arranged such as cash on pick up. Delivery methods can also be changed. Pick up orders from Brisbane, Australia. Digital art is currently not available due to device issues. 


Please contact me via e-mail for more information or to place your order:

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